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Ancillary Champions close the competition at the SWRHA Futurity & Show
On the final day of competition at the SWRHA Futurity & Show, presented by Billingsley Ford, held at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum in Ardmore, Oklahoma, Ancillary competitors were gearing up for the second slate of classes. If they stayed consistent in the first slate classes, one horse-and-rider duo might take away the Circuit Championship. There were 52 horse-and-rider teams in the Open, Intermediate Open, Limited Open, and Rookie Professional and it was Carol Metcalf aboard Mister Smarts with a score of 73.5.

At the 2013 NRHA Futurity, Metcalf and the 5-year-old stallion (Mister Dual Pep x Cowgirls Are Smart) took home the Open Futurity Prime Time Championship. Since then, the duo has accomplished other titles and awards.

After previously capturing the Intermediate Open Slate 1 Championship, Brent Loseke and Wimps Eye Candy (Wimpys Little Step x Tejana Chic), owned by Sally Tipton, returned to earn the Intermediate Open Championship Slate 2 with a score of 72. They were also the Intermediate Open Circuit Champions.

At his very first reining in the United States, Niv-Bar AM rode Rs Twistin Nic (Nic It In The Bud x Twisters Enola Gay), owned by Randy Shepherd, to score a 73 in the Limited Open and Rookie Professional and captured the Championships. Niv-Bar AM and the 8-year-old gelding were also the Rookie Professional Circuit Champions.

This feels pretty good. This is my first time showing him and my first time showing in the United States, Niv-Bar AM said. The run felt pretty good. My horse turned pretty good and was quiet in the middle. The left circles were very good and he slowed down really nice. I was happy.

Earning the Limited Open Circuit Championship was Massimo Tallone and This Cats Stressin (Wr This Cats Smart x Stressin), owned by Terry Ranch.

Claiming another title in the Non Pro, sponsored by Hilldale Farm, was Lindsey McCutcheon and Mega Watt Shine (Marthas Mega Jac x Bella Della). The duo have been a very successful team taking home the Non Pro Championship in the first slate, and now they added another win to their accomplishments. McCutcheon and Mega Watt Shine scored a 71.5 for the Non Pro Championship.

This has been good, surprising and great actually! Ive been running around giving out free prizes for Non Pro Day so I really had no idea what was happening in this class at all, but Im excited! McCutcheon said about winning another title. I think my horse was a little bit confused because the arena is a little different and he was a little perkier this time but once we started doing everything he was good.

This has been a great week, she added. The weather has been good for the most part, even though today has been a little bit cold, but everythings been good. Im super happy with the entire show and the way its gone. Its been really good for me so Im very happy about that.

McCutcheon and the 8-year-old stallion also claimed the Non Pro Circuit Championship and took home a Custom Benchmark Buckle, Morrison Trophy, Monogrammed Captain Chair, $100 Gift Certificate Kyle Tack, $50 Cowboy Couture Gift Certificate, and a Thomas Moore Tote with a Gift Certificate.

Sarayah Voorhees and Shirley Your A Tag (Whiz N Tag Chex x Pines BH) went into the arena in the Non Pro just wanting to push her mare to see what she could do. They ended up scoring a 71 and took the lead in the Intermediate and Limited Non Pro. However coming in as the last draw, Sabrina Pickett piloted Lil Ruf Rhinestone (Lil Ruf Peppy x Lucy McGillicutty) to also score a 71. They decided not to run-off for the title and agreed to be Co-Champions.

My mare was really good for me, Voorhees said. We schooled most of the week because I knew I wanted to run her in this class but we only came for the second half of the show. I went in and my trainer Trey Pool told me I could let her run and see how she was, and she was great for me. Shes actually up for sale so this is probably one of the last shows Ill get out of her so I just knew I wanted to try everything I could to show off what I knew she was good at. I actually started reining in January and shes the first reiner Ive ever had so weve kind of grown together and learned a lot, but shes been a great horse.

I knew my horse was really, really tired, Pickett said about Lil Ruf Rhinestone. This was his first long show so he was super tired but I pushed as much as I could and he did great. I just tried to think through every step that I did. Im really working hard on my showing so just step by step and keep my head up and those things. But he is just an awesome horse and he gives me everything all the time.

Voorhees and Pickett each received a Pewter Trophy, Monogrammed Captain Chair, $50 Cowboy Couture Gift Certificate, and a Thomas Moore Tote with a Gift Certificate.

Pickett also received the Liz Haverty Memorial award, which goes to the overall highpoint Non Pro.

Out of the 33 competitors entered in the Rookie Levels 2, 1 and Prime Time, it was Susan Meyer and Wimpys Little Jay (Wimpys Little Step x Doe Rey Rooster) who claimed the Rookie Level 2 Championship, sponsored by Danny and Matt Anderson, and the Prime Time Championship sponsored by Double F Ranch.

Eddy was really good this morning, Meyer said about Wimpys Little Jay. He was nice and calm and slow in his turns but he ran down to his stops really well. Im real proud of him. He was my first reining horse. I bought him when I didnt know anything about reining. Hes been a very good horse and we call him Eddy because he is a steady Eddy. Im really proud to own him.

Jared Leclair is my trainer and he tells me to keep my hands straight, keep my heels down and make smooth and pretty rundowns and all those kind of things, so thats what I was thinking in the arena, she said. I appreciate the SWRHA very much for hosting this show and I enjoyed myself very much.

McKinnon Larcombe came back in the Rookie Level 1 class and once again captured the Rookie Level 1 Championship, sponsored by First Bank and Trust, riding Nu Model Mercedes (Cromed Out Mercedes x Roxana Chex), owned by Mick and Sonya Taylor, with a score of 71.5.

She was really good for me today and now I know shes a really consistent horse and you can go out there and have fun on her, Larcombe said. I wanted her to keep her energy because I knew yesterday I had to kick her a little bit but today she was really good. I just went out there with the same thought in mind just to sit there and let her do her job and pilot her the best I could. I did and it worked out again.

One of my goals was to come out here and either win a class or win the circuit buckle and we checked them all off. Its been very exciting, she added. I knew the mare could do it, it was just if I could pilot her to a good score. Ive learned a lot from this show with showing that mare and my youth horse. I just need to have patience with them. Sometimes they dont do the thing you want them to do and you go back in the show pen after you worked on it and it comes together. I really want to thank Mick and Sonya Taylor for letting me show her.

Each winner received an Award Plaque, Monogrammed Captain Chair, $50 Cowboy Couture Gift Certificate, and a Thomas Moore Tote with a Gift Certificate.

Competitors were up bright and early this morning preparing for the Green Reiner class, just hoping to have clean patterns and take home a championship. The score to beat was a 71 and was scored by two horse-and-rider teams; Brittany Putman riding JB Habanero Whiz (Conquistador Whiz x Freckles Red Pepper) and Carlee McCutcheon aboard Shiney Enterprise (Smart And Shiney x Mr Royal Enterprise). Their score was never beat and they happily decided to split the title to be the Green Reiner Levels 2 and 1 Co-Champions.

Its really exciting. The plan was to kind of go slow with him so I just wanted to take it nice and slow and then plus the stops and thats kind of what happened. I was happy with it. Hes an awesome horse and hes one of my favorite horses Ive ever ridden, Putman said adding that she wanted to thank Kathy McCutcheon and the SWRHA for the show.

I used to take care of Carlee [McCutcheon] at the horse shows and at home I would go with them to all the shows, Putman added. I was a horse show nanny for about four years from when she was 2 through 6 years old, so this was really fun. I wouldnt want to tie with anyone else and its her birthday.

This was fun. Ive really never won anything this high of a level before. I just came out of the short stirrup and the youth, McCutcheon said. Shes really fun to ride. Shes really good and she understands what Im asking. My brother [Cade McCutcheon] rode her before me and my mom [Mandy McCutcheon] would show her too, so weve had her for a long time.

Putman and McCutcheon split the awards, which included an Award Plaque, Monogrammed Chair, $50 Cowboy Couture Certificate, and a Thomas Moore Tote with a Gift Certificate.

When Emmy-Lu Marsh and Who Whiz Who (Who Whiz It x Roosters Roan Chexx) competed yesterday in the first slate of the Youth 14-18, she mentioned that she only had 15 minutes to warm up her horse before they went in the arena, which didnt really affect the duo because they took home the title. Today, the duo arrived with plenty of time to warm up and once again earned the Youth 14-18 Championship, sponsored by Bud Lyon.

This is great! I was not expecting this. Im going to put these awards in my trophy case! Marsh said. Our run was better today. I think his spins were better and I ran down to his stops a little bit more because I had more time to warm up this round. Stopping and spinning are his best maneuvers, but he is pretty good all around.

With a ride that she dedicated to her Grandfather who recently passed away last week, Madison Gustin rode Guns R Spooky (Smart Spook x Berry Yer Guns) in the Youth 13 & Under with intentions of making the ride memorable. She accomplished that when she scored a 70.5 and claimed the Championship. The duo also earned the Youth 13 & Under Circuit Championship.

This feels amazing. I am so happy with my horse, Gustin said after picking up her awards. We had a really good run and Im so proud of him. I honestly think it was our best run yet. We call him Avatar in the barn because he has one blue eye. He is a goofball and gets into everything. But Ive had him for about six months now and its just been amazing. Hes the best horse Ive ever had and Im so blessed to have him in my life.

The Youth 13&Under class was sponsored by Massignon Performance Horses.

Both Youth 14-18 and 13&Under Champions received an Award Plaque, Monogrammed Captain Chair, $50 Cowboy Couture Gift Certificate, and a Thomas Moore Tote with a Gift Certificate.

Raeanna Thayn and Codes Electric Heir (Electric Code x Dunits Reining Heir) returned to the 10&Under Short Stirrup class, sponsored by Equine Promotion, to once again score a 71 for the Championship. Raeannas parents, Robert and Robbin Thayn, own the 4-year-old gelding. The duo also captured the 10&Under Short Stirrup Circuit Championship. Thayn took home prizes from Kim Ferguson and Richard Pokluda.