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Many Champions crowned in Ancillary Classes
Rookie competitors opened the competition day on Oct. 24 at the SWRHA Futurity, presented by Billingsley Ford, held at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum in Ardmore, Oklahoma. There were 44 competitors in the Rookie Levels 2, 1 and Prime Time, and they all wanted to earn a Championship. In Rookie Level 2, sponsored by Danny and Matt Anderson, Cherie Bugg and A Girls Best Friend (Like A Diamond x Sugs Amber Cat) scored a 71.5to earn the Rookie Level 2 and Prime Time Championship, sponsored by Double F Ranch.

“This feels excellent! My goal was just to make a 70 and I marked a 71.5 and that’s the best I’ve ever done,” Bugg said. “He’s 13 years old and I’ve had him for about four years. He’s just a great horse and he took care of me today for sure. He went out there and did super spins and everything was so great.”

McKinnon Larcombe and Nu Model Mercedes (Cromed Out Mercedes x Roxana Chex) earned the Rookie Level 1 Championship, sponsored by Ron Thompson Reining, with a score of 71.

“This is a bit of a surprise actually. I didn’t think I was going to go in there and come out winning it. I was just hoping to have an easy clean run, so I’m very surprised,” McKinnon said. “She turned pretty well, I think I had an over turn penalty, and in the circles she was just calm and I basically sat there and piloted her.

“She is owned by Mick and Sonya Taylor and I have been riding her just to get some nice runs on her and hopefully next year my dad [Martin Larcombe] will be able to show her at the NRBC so its kind of cool riding a homebred horse,” she added. “She is also a full sister to the SWRHA Non Pro Futurity Level 1 Champion My Nu Mercedes Rox.”

As the tenth draw out of 31 horse-and-rider teams in the Green Reiner, Emily Cooper piloted Olenas Chocolatechic (Cholcolate Chic Olena x My Topsail Gal) to the winner’s circle. With a score of 71, the duo earned the Green Reiner Level 2 and 1 Championships. First National Bank of Ardmore sponsored the Green Reiner Level 2, and Greg Hall sponsored Green Reiner Level 1.

Cooper and the 5-year-old mare, owned by Craig Cooper, garnered a total of $148 and like the other two champions, received Award Plaques, Monogrammed Captain Chairs, $50 Cowboy Couture Gift Certificates, and Thomas Moore Totes with Gift Certificates.

In the second slate of the Ride and Slide Non Pro Level, it was Jessie Nance and Dun Lost My Gun who took both the Championship and the Circuit Championship.

“This feels awesome!” Nance said about her win. “This is my first time riding this horse at a show. My trainer has a customer and he let me borrow this fabulous horse and said go have some fun and it’s worked out pretty well. Well I was really nervous and I was told to just try and ride really aggressive and just be precise and pay attention, relax and have fun. It worked out and it was great!”

Nance and Dun Lost My Gun earned a $45 paycheck along with an Award Plaque, Monogrammed Captain Chair and a $25 Cowboy Couture Gift Certificate.

Twenty-four youth competitors put on their game faces for a chance to compete for the 14-18 and 13 & Under titles. Right from the start as the first draw in the class, Emmy-Lu Marsh and Who Whiz Who scored a 71 and set the bar high for her 14-18 competitors. By the end of the class her score held and earned the 14-18 Championship, sponsored by Bud Lyon.

“It feels very good. I just got here like 15 minutes before I went in, so I was just a little stressed and I was just trying to take it a little slow,” Marsh said about her run. “I went in and stopped my first stop which was very nice so I was thinking that the rest of the pattern might go pretty well. I walked out and it was a 71. It was a lot better than I thought it was going to be.”

Along with describing Who Whiz Who’s assets, Marsh also mentioned that the stallion only had one eye.

“He was two when he lost his eye and I got him two years ago. He’s just the same as the other horses because he has never known anything different,” she said. “Last year, we won the AQHA 13 & Under Reserve World and we’ve been just kind of going slow. I’ve been trying to bring him up to 14-18 because it’s bigger and we’ve been doing pretty good.”

Marsh and the 8-year-old stallion (Who Whiz It x Roosters Roan Chexx) received a $48 paycheck and an Award Plaque, Monogrammed Captain Chair, $50 Cowboy Couture Gift Certificate, and a Thomas Moore Tote with a Gift Certificate.

The fourth draw in the youth class, Raeanna Thayn and Nics Wimpy (Wimpys Little Step x Nics Whiz) set the stage for their 13 & Under competitors by scoring a 71.5, which held through to the end of the class.

According to the National Reining Horse Youth Association as of October, Thayn and Nics Wimpy, owned by Robert and Robbin Thayn, are No. 5 in the 2015 Top Ten Youth 13 & Under. Thayn and Nics Wimpy took Reserve in the Short Stirrup at the High Roller Reining Classic this year.

Thayn was also third on Miss Prime Time Whiz (Topsail Whiz x Miss Timed To Shine) in the 13 & Under. She is also No. 6 in the 2015 Top Ten Youth 13 & Under, according to the NRHYA.

The 13 & Under class was sponsoted by Massignon Performance Horses.

Thayne and Nics Wimpy garnered a $48 paycheck along with an Award Plaque, Monogrammed Captain Chair, $50 Cowboy Couture Gift Certificate, and a Thomas Moore Tote with a Gift Certificate.

Thayn also claimed the Short Stirrup Championship with a score of 71 aboard Codes Electric Heir (Electric Code x Dunits Reining Heir). The duo garnered a $48 paycheck and all entries received prizes from Kim Ferguson, Richard Pokluda, Jody Brainard, and Equine Promotion.

The action continues in Ardmore, Oklahoma, on Oct. 25 with many Ancillary classes at 7 a.m. It is also Non Pro Day and special drawings and prizes will be handed out throughout the day. For the live Internet feed of the action, compliments of Waltenberry Videography, go to