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SWRHA Futurity Date
Oct 23-28 2018 

2011 SWRHA Standings


SWRHA members are invited to participate in The SWRHA Year End Awards program and/or the SWRHA Affiliate Qualifying program.

SWRHA Year End Awards Program

The SWRHA Year-End Standings will show who is leading in the competition for the titles and awards given at the end of the year at the SWRHA Party of Champions. Champions and Reserve Champions are offered a choice of awards which may include silver buckles, stirrups, spurs and bits.

2011 SWRHA Year End Standings

The SWRHA Affiliate Standings track the riders competing for the opportunity to represent SWRHA in the NRHA South Central Affiliate Finals.

2011 SWRHA Affiliate Qualifying Standings

The top ten qualifying SWRHA members are eligible to represent the SWRHA at the NRHA South Central Affiliate Finals that currently take place at the Ariat Tulsa Reining Classic in Sept. Official rules for affiliate qualification can be found at http://www.nrha.com/affiliates/2011/naaccond.pdf as well as additional NRHA programs that are available for participation.

Riders wishing to represent the SWRHA at the South Central Affiliate Finals must do so by submitting the official affiliate designation form to the NRHA by August 1. Designate early so as not to miss the deadline and then if you need to make changes you may do so but before the Aug.1 deadline. For more information http://www.nrha.com/affiliates/2010/whydesignate.pdf

Affiliate Designation Form http://www.nrha.com/affiliates/2011/designation.pdf

If you have any questions, find any errors, or have any comments relative to the current year results, please contact Carla Clay at (605) 321-1952 or carlaclay@aol.com.